Monday, August 19, 2019

semana de 8/26

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."
~Eleanor Roosevelt

*WHEN YOU ARE ABSENT IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO GET YOUR MISSED WORK FROM MRS. FURMAN. If the missed work is not made up/ obtained by the student within the allotted time, the grade will turn into a zero.*


A.P. /Spanish 1 Students: Please have a binder divided into 4 sections ( I will show you how I want this set up ) or a 5 subject notebook for my class!!

*Parents/Guardians/Students:  Throughout the year I will be texting you with announcements/ reminders pertaining to the class.

*Please use the following class/period specific codes to connect to this service. Pay special attention to what period you or your child has the class as each class code is different*

*ALL PHONE NUMBERS are hidden and are not visible by the teacher/parent/student: The teacher will only be able to send messages and will NOT be able to receive them*

Period 1: A.P Spanish : 
Period 2: Spanish 1:
Period 3: Spanish 1:
Period 5: Spanish 1:
Period 6: Spanish 1:
Period 7: Spanish 1: