Tuesday, October 9, 2018

semana de 10/15

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."
~Eleanor Roosevelt

*WHEN YOU ARE ABSENT IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO GET YOUR MISSED WORK FROM MRS. FURMAN. If the missed work is not made up/ obtained by the student within the allotted time, the grade will turn into a zero.*


A.P. /Spanish 1 Students: Please have a binder divided into 4 sections ( I will show you how I want this set up ) or a 5 subject notebook for my class!!

*Parents/Guardians/Students:  Throughout the year I will be texting you with announcements/ reminders pertaining to the class.

*Please use the following class/period specific codes to connect to this service. Pay special attention to what period you or your child has the class as each class code is different*

*ALL PHONE NUMBERS are hidden and are not visible by the teacher/parent/student: The teacher will only be able to send messages and will NOT be able to receive them*

Period 1:AP SPANISH:  Text @a464d9 to the number 81010
or TEXT @a464d9 to (570) 285-9519  (this is an anonymous number and NOT Mrs. Furman's #)

Period 2: SPANISH 1: Text @edf3479 to the number 81010
or TEXT  @edf3479 to (570) 285-9519 (this is an anonymous number and NOT Mrs. Furman's #)

Period 3: SPANISH 1: Text @9c474d to the number 81010
or text @9c474d to (570) 285-9519  (this is an anonymous number and NOT Mrs. Furman's #) 

Period 5: SPANISH 1: Text @9f6hfe to the number 81010
 or text @9f6hfe to (570) 285-9519  (this is an anonymous number and NOT Mrs. Furman's #) 

Period 7: SPANISH 1: Text @9ddffh to the number 81010
 or text @9ddffh to (570) 285-9519  (this is an anonymous number and NOT Mrs. Furman's #) 


Intro. to Español--------

Weather report
Mini Project:
Students draw their favorite animal:
4 sentences: This is my favorite animal
The color, and description, where it lives mostly.
Extra credit to students who present their animal: ask questions to the class about short presentation.
Weather report
Continue to work on mini projects.
1.Students should list Spanish animals: race drill.
Put in board.
2.Students get into groups to talk with a partner about their project/animal pg. 57 in hola book.

2.Concentration game using animals/articles?
Weather report
Review colors
1.Students will label animals from the smartboard.
2. answer questions about animals including colors.

3. Introduce descriptions vocab: Brainstorm?
1.Students receive itinerary.
2.Students fill out passport.

3. Start the Virtual Trips.
1.Continue to take virtual trip.
Español 1------------
1. Review vocabulary.
2. Review for quiz.


1.Return vocabulary quiz/ go over
2. Spanish infinitives notes.
3. Students should write 5 positive sentences in notes. Put on board. (act 12 draw chart)
4.  Book activities, pg 32: 9, 10,
Hw: Worksheet  1a-5

1. HW Check.
2. Race Drill using –ar verbs, -er, verbs, and it verbs.
3. Complete pg. 33, act. 11, 13.
4.Notes on Negative sentences.pg 36
5. pg. 36 act 15.

6. Worksheet 1A-6 (finish for HW)

Warmup: Review from yesterday: Students some up with 5 questions : te gusta?....
1. Go over homework
3. Students write 8 sentences 5 negative 5 positive. (me write D/A next to each. Students respond to each sentence.

4.(finish 1A-2)

1.Go over homework.
2.Worksheet 1A-7
3. Review chapter test and open floor to questions.
3.Students come up with 3 questions for chapter test.  (snowball fight?)

4. Review game

Español de AP----------

1.Continue to work on projects: Present them
1.Students brainstorm all different foods/vegetables/ etc. pg 108.: activities, descriptions. (compare lists with each other)
2. Talking activity: pg. 108
3. Brief Review of direct object pronouns: pg 109. Writing activities/ pg 109 act 3-4.

4. Review parts of the body.
1.Finish activities from yesterday.
2. Brief review of indirect object pronouns: activities that follow.
3.Chapter intro.: Discuss Chapter question: que haces para estar en forma?.....discuss as a class …

4. copy new vocab : pg. 150: brainstorm words that go with nutrition (using word reference).: organize vocab into small categories….
1.Go over vocab.
2.Read/go over A primera Vista
3. Listening activities of new vocab.(pg 115)
4. Skit: advanced learners: one is the doctor, one is the nurse , and one is sick:

5. Complete Pre-Ap Support:

1.Finish activities from yesterday
2.pgs. 116-117. Act 3-4.
3. Worksheet pg. 37-38
4. Do a game guessing the fruit or vegetable: using adjectives: play like 25000 pyramid.